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Most functional food additives on the market today are synthetic. Research has shown that synthetic nutrients and food additives do not work as well and do not promote good health in the way that natural products can. It is our mission to contribute significantly to improving health through the use of innovative, low cost, processing techniques that extract nutritious components from under-utilized ingredients.

Our vision is to grow rapidly to be a major supplier of nutrition rich food additives to major food companies using our innovative processing techniques to provide higher nutrient content products at lower production cost.

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Couple riding bikes Nutraceutical Innovations' first products, NutraBran™ Solubles and NutraBran™ Fiber, are functional and bioactive food ingredients derived from heat-stabilized defatted rice bran. Our patent pending, all natural production process allows an exceptionally nutrient rich food additive to be produced at low cost. These additives increase the health benefits of baked and meat-based foods. Nutrients benefits table

Rice bran is extraordinarily nutrient dense, and these nutrients have powerful disease-fighting properties. In its non-processed state, the bran layer of rice cannot be easily digested by humans. Nutraceutical Innovations' patent pending, all natural process releases these nutrients for human consumption in the form of functional food additives. Rice graphic